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A Full Orbed Gospel

‘Christ died for the ungodly.’ Romans 5:6. CONSCIENCE in every man must tell him t...Read More

He Drank Damnation Dry

The whole of the punishment of his people was distilled into one cup; no mortal lip might give it so...Read More

Every Day, in Fact!

The New Testament letters are filled with imperatives — that is, exhortations and challenges t...Read More

They Will Hate You Because of Christ

None of you can be the people of God without provoking envy; and the better you are, the more you wi...Read More

We Need to be Reconciled to God

Jesus says that the first commandment is to love God with heart and soul and mind and strength. It i...Read More

The God Who Seeks Us

There are some people who seem to think that the message of the Bible is one which tells us what we ...Read More

Repent or Perish

These were the words of the incarnate Son of God. They have never been cancelled; nor will they be a...Read More

Dying to Self

      The following poem in practical terms what self denial means for a Christian: ...Read More