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Technology In Its Proper Place

"Figuring out the proper place for technology in our particular family and stage of life requires ...Read More

"When The Bible Runs Dry, I Shall"

"He spoke from the pulpit as one earnestly occupied with the souls before him. He made them feel sym...Read More

Declaring War on Your Besetting Sins

There are particular besetting sins, of which each separate Christian can alone furnish an acco...Read More

Pray for the worst, the hardest, and the most unbelieving

"Do we know what it is to pray for ourselves? This, after all, is the first question for self-inquir...Read More

The Righteousness of Christ

"Though men may accuse you, judge and condemn you, yet know for your support, that you are acquitted...Read More

Meditating Day and Night on the Word

"Another positive sign of a renewed man is that he meditates in the law of the LORD day and nig...Read More

In Thee We See Everything Fulfilled

"What meant the Saviour, then, by this—'It is finished?' He meant, first of all, that all...Read More

The Purpose of God for the Bible Cannot Fail

"God has made the natural act of reading the Bible supernaturally the indispensable means of achievi...Read More

Look, look, look!

“Most people read half asleep. We read the Bible pretty much like we watch television— p...Read More

The Savior's Joy

"Remember you have given Jesus great joy in His saving you. He was forever with the Father, eternall...Read More