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A Prayer Request for Pastors

"I will ask one favour on behalf of the brethren who have done the principal part of the l...Read More

This God is your God

"This God, to whom there is none in heaven to be compared, nor any among the sons of the mighty to...Read More

The Safeguard of Christ's Church

"That old enemy of mankind, the devil, has no more subtle device for ruining souls than that of spre...Read More

To Whom Will You Flee For Help?

"Run to Christ, for He hath the words of eternal life."...Read More

The storm is guided by the hands which were nailed to the cross

"Public affairs look darker still. Expectation is on tiptoe waiting for hourly news from all parts o...Read More

Ten Diagnostic Questions Regarding Your Smartphone Use

    "As in every age, God calls His children to stop, study what captures their ...Read More

God's Glory

"God's glory is as dear to a saint as his own salvation. And that this glory may be promoted he ende...Read More

“Adoption is a miracle of mercy”

“See the amazing goodness of God, that He is pleased to enter into this sweet relation of a Fa...Read More

Questions to consider for overall social-media presence:

Questions to consider for overall social-media presence: 1. Does my social media presence seem to c...Read More

Give Up on Your Own Self-Righteousness

TWO VERY DIFFERENT APPROACHES TO SIN Since sin is deeper than bad behavior, trying to do better isn...Read More