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Ten Diagnostic Questions Regarding Your Smartphone Use

    "As in every age, God calls His children to stop, study what captures their ...Read More

God's Glory

"God's glory is as dear to a saint as his own salvation. And that this glory may be promoted he ende...Read More

“Adoption is a miracle of mercy”

“See the amazing goodness of God, that He is pleased to enter into this sweet relation of a Fa...Read More

Questions to consider for overall social-media presence:

Questions to consider for overall social-media presence: 1. Does my social media presence seem to c...Read More

Give Up on Your Own Self-Righteousness

TWO VERY DIFFERENT APPROACHES TO SIN Since sin is deeper than bad behavior, trying to do better isn...Read More

Work hard at the passing on of the gospel

"Work hard at the passing on of the gospel. As you know as well as I, there were no chapter breaks o...Read More

"Nothing puts life into men like a dying Saviour"

"The best preaching is, 'We preach Christ crucified.' The best living is, 'We are crucified with Ch...Read More


This list gives us ample reason to offer up prayers of thanksgiving to our generous God: 1. When ma...Read More

"He shall carry you safely home"

"Let all the world know that the Lord Christ is very pitiful, and of tender mercy. He will not break...Read More

The Giver and His gifts

"If you love the gifts and not the Giver, your heart will never be satisfied, but if you love the Gi...Read More