Ten Questions to Ask at the End of This Week

At the end of this week, it’s time for a quick spiritual inventory. Answer these questions for yourself:

  1. What do I know about God and His Word that I didn’t know last week? If the answer is “nothing,” you may not be spending enough time with Him.
  2. Will anything in my life hinder the work of God in my church this weekend? Unconfessed, hidden sin will. So will bitterness toward others. Pride and lust won’t help, either.
  3. Have I prayed well for my pastors this week? Their work goes on every day, and they need your prayer before Sunday.
  4. Do I need to ask anyone’s forgiveness? If you’ve offended someone this week, seek to get right with him or her before you gather to worship God.
  1. Do I need to forgive someone? Maybe someone’s offended you—perhaps even someone in your church. Don’t let your anger become a stronghold for Satan.
  1. Have I loved my family as I should have this week? Your first responsibility for being a witness to the gospel is in your home. How would your family answer this question?
  1. Do I still have any lingering sins in my life? Every week, you wish you’d stop—but it hasn’t happened yet. Confess it now.
  1. Who knows more about God today because of my witness this past week? Your answer to this question will tell whether you’ve sought to do evangelism this week.
  1. In what ways have I wasted time and money this week? Both are a gift from God, and you’re called to be good steward of what He provides.
  1. Have I prepared my heart for worship this weekend? If not, take time now to confess sin, pray for your church’s leaders, and ask God to teach you. Don’t wait until the service begins to get ready for the service.

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